Has Mac OS X Lion Put an End to the Hackintosh?

Has Mac OS X Lion put an end to the Hackintosh? Well that is certainly an interesting question and in short…no! The Hackintosh still lives on even with the advances Apple has made with Lion’s installation process. As you may be aware of, the Mac OS X Lion installation process is very different to the previous methods of installation. The traditional method was to insert a retail disk with the operating system on into the machine and follow the installation procedures. That has now changed for the most part. Lion is now purchased on the Mac App Store on an existing version of Mac OS X, and it is then executed as an application.

Many thought this would be an end to the Hackintosh, I thought otherwise. 3rd party developers are constantly pushing the boundaries with the work that they do and the Hackintosh is part of that work. Since the release of Mac OS X Lion it is still possible to Hackintosh it. There are a few different methods of installation. The obvious one being to install Snow Leopard, then purchase Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store (making sure that all the necessary kexts are backed up). And another option is to use 3rd party Hackintosh installers.

Some popular installers are: “iAtkos” “OSX86″ “TonyMac” and “Hazard”. The most favoured currently is “iAtkos”. The “iAtkos” installer is a modified version of the original install and the installation process can be tricky. You have to download a 4.7GB DMG image, burn it do a DVD using Disk Utility if you have access to an existing version of OS X. Then you have to restore the DMG image to a USB drive and install the popular bootloader “Chameleon” to it. If you’re runing Windows, you need to burn the DMG image using “Transmac” and then use x-flash or some other application to restore the DMG to USB media then install Chemeleon”.

So, all in all, eve though iAtkos is your best bet for making a Lion Hackintosh, it’s still gonna require some effort. It’s nice to know that the human race is still creative and adventurous enough to attempt the impossible.