Trust Starzz Microphone Review

If you’ve been watching my latest YouTube videos at, you may have noticed that I sound quite different. That’s because I went and picked myself up a new microphone!

So I purchased this microphone about a week ago and you’ve probably guessed the name of it now due to the title of the post, this is the Trust “Starzz” microphone. Overall I’d say this has been a pretty good purchase for it’s price, it costed under £10 with free delivery on Amazon and I’ll be putting a link at the bottom of this post for this product.

I’ve had a fair amount of good luck with Trust, Trust have certainly been rather trustworthy in the past and they remind me of Logitech in a way, except for the fact that they don’t actually provide any of their own software to anything really other than generic drivers. I’ve had Trust keyboards and mice in the past, I’ve got a Trust USB hub behind my monitors and now I’ve completed the package with a Trust Microphone.

As said previously I haven’t really experienced any problems with this product, the only thing I’d say about this particular microphone that somewhat grinds my gears is that is works more like a condender microphone, so if you have it further away (like I usually do) then the audio may sound slightly muffled and not as articulated towards the microphone, but move it closer it sounds much higher quality if you simply talk directly into the microphone.

So this proximity issue may become a problem, particularly if you’re recording video or audio and you’re across the room, then I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this microphone for that.

Since it is designed like a studio microphone it includes a universal multi-directional tripod and upon removing the microphone from it’s tripod it strikes you how much smaller this microphone really is than a standard studio microphone. Another thing which led me to purchasing this microphone is it’s looks (aesthetics are just as important as it’s function) it’s black and silver which is great news for me seeing as everything technology wise in my room is black, silver, white and grey.

This microphone plugs in through a 3.5 mm jack which is good news as it means it’s compatible with more devices than if it were USB. The cable is also 2.5m so you can take it on your journey across the room! So all in all, I’d proudly recommend this microphone if only because of how high the quality is for it’s tiny price.