Yashica HD Camcorder Review

The correct pronunciation of Yashica escapes me.

This camcorder records in 720p HD, which is 1280×720 at 30 frames per second and it is encoded with H.264, so you can expect the recordings to be fairly high quality-ish on the camcorder and we will get more into my experiences with this camcorder soon. Also to add this camcorder is able to take pictures in 16 megapixels.

So upon reviewing the quality of my first recording I was disappointed to see that the image was rather grainy, another thing that disappointed me instantly was it’s field of view, it is what is known in the video recording world as “terrible”. Even comparing my Microsoft Lifecam Cinema, we could see a lot more in t a single shot compared to that of the camcorder. And the Lifecam Cinema was closer!

The camera itself if quite nice to hold. I didn’t have any particular problems with holding this camcorder for extended periods of time which is good and it felt more comfortable than a classic camcorder and I even did this years annual Geeky Room Tour video with is camcorder and my hand did not get tired at all.

So the camcorder itself also has quite a problem with white balance, it makes everything rather orange and struggles to keep the image appropriately lit when the camcorder is moving around, compare this to the lifecam cinema which is much cheaper and is not a camcorder which the white balance remains stable throughout any recording.

The camcorder also has “night mode” which makes everything horribly pixelated and a flash which works quite well.

The camcorder also comes with a mini HDMI to HDMI cable so you can use you HD TV as an unnecessarily large viewfinder. Fortunately the camcorder is able to sit atop a tripod so if you’ve got one lying around, the camcorder should be able to screw on snugly.

So overall I’d say this camcorder is probably not worth the money, you could get a cheaper, higher quality, possibly not as nice to hold compact camcorder from a large vendor and be much happier with your purchase. So this being said you probably won’t be seeing many videos made my be with this camcorder if only because the Lifecam Cinema is more than adequate for my recordings.