The Future of The Xbox

So if you’re familiar with the hugely successful gaming console known as the Xbox, you may also know that a new version is due within the next couple of years. The Xbox is made by Microsoft, the very same company who creates the Windows Operating System. The Xbox has only had two major releases, first with the original Xbox which was shadowed by the Sony PlayStation 2 which is still the most sold console in history with an amazing 154 million units shipped worldwide. The second generation Xbox known as the Xbox 360 was a major hit as it was released in 2005 the technology behind the Xbox 360 was far more advanced than the PlayStation 2. The only other semi-major release of the Xbox was the Xbox 360 slim. Which was essentially the same but with more “polish”. The third major iteration of the Xbox has been named by many as the Xbox 720.

This article will just be detailing some of the key features that many are expecting from the new Xbox. So this article is based on mostly speculation with a sprinkle of fact.

So when is is expected to be released? According to various developers for the next generation Xbox, we can expect to see the release of the next Xbox in June 2013. This leaves just over a year till you can apparently get your hands on it! Providing the world doesn’t end in 2012.

How can we guess the specifications of the next Xbox?

Well…this is achievable through comparing the specifications of the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 was released in 2005 with the best of 2005 technology at it’s heart. It’s processor was a bespoke IBM three core processor at 3.2GHz and the system also included an ATI graphics processor.

No wonder it costed so much initially! So the latest rumors are indicating the the next generation Xbox will feature a graphics processor based on the same architecture as the AMD 6670, the advantages of such a graphics chip would be multi-monitor support, DirectX11 support and also support for OpenGL. However this chip has been dubbed as “disappointing” to gamers of the next generation Xbox as it the performance wouldn’t exactly be “next gen”. Also to note, if the next Xbox is released in mid 2013, AMD would have already released the 8000 series, with most likely double the processing power.

Allegedly Microsoft are finally planning to install a Blu-ray player to replace their HD DVD drive. This is great news as it means that more game data can be stored due to the dual layering technology and extremely dense filesystem. So theoretically speaking, games will be an equally immersive experience as on the PC. Blu-ray discs are also fairly difficult to scratch due to a thick malleable coating on the disc surface, which is great news for Xbox owners who move their console on a regular basis (we’re all familiar with the disc scratching problem on the Xbox).

Other alleged features include Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, bluetooth, extreme integration of Kinect technology and touch sensitive controls. All of this information is mostly speculation, the thing most people are hoping is that Microsoft use more advanced graphics technologies, which would likely make the console more sought after than the conventional gaming PC.