Inkjet vs Laser Printers

With all of the printer technologies out there, you really have to wonder which is better for the job at hand? Inkjet or Laser? So I have an inkjet printer downstairs which is used occasionally for quickly printing off various documents. The printer is a HP Deskjet 1000, do feel free to check out the review here and the video review here. However this printer isn’t really up to the job of printing off professional photographs and generally things that will require a lot of ink.

So there’s also laser technology and in the past they were only available in black and white and weren’t very cost effective. However today there’s colour laser printers which are much more cost effective.

For the most part I would say you’re probably better off going for a laser printer, of course it’s relative to the price and of course laser printers are going to cost more than the inkjet printers, but for the quality it’s definitely worth it. However this is only my recommendation if you’re printer-happy, if you’re only going to be using the printer very occasionally (like me) and it’s just for text documents then inkjet may be an ideal and cheaper option.

Laser printers are all the rage these days due to their ability to print in what is essentially high-definition, the DPI or (DotsPerInch) on a laser printer far exceed that of the inkjet printers. The resolution on some laser printers even exceeds that of an ultra-sharp display! The colours also tend to be more natural and due to the higher resolution, test and images are crystal clear.

So there you have it, laser is the winner, but if you’re not printer-happy, an inkjet printer might just fit the bill.