Is There a Cure For Stuck Pixels?

The simple answer is yes, there might be, depending on the nature of the stuck pixel(s) and also depending on the type of technology in use. Stuck pixels can be a nightmare to say the least and you tend to find them on many screens and are usually not the result of damage to the screen itself, stuck pixels are usually manufacturing defects of the screens themselves, you are also more likely to find stuck pixels on very cheap screens, for example if you were to purchase a replacement screen for a iPod Touch, there’s a chance it may have a few stuck pixels.

Stuck pixels can come in a variety of flavours, black, white, red, green, blue, you name it. They can be pretty much any colour the human eye can recognise. Black would usually indicate that a pixel may be dead, which is a slightly different thing and usually means that the pixel cannot be physically brought back to life, it is not necessarily stuck, it’s actually just off. So there, now we know the difference between a stuck pixel and a dead pixel, but of course as pointed out previously, stuck pixels can be black as well, so it can be difficult to differentiate between the two and it may be worth trying to get those pixels un-stuck.

So there a are a variety of solutions available for actually un-sticking stuck pixels, usually what many will do is use a video that has multiple colours within it. Essentially what this concept is, is using videos that you can find online that are usually entitled “Stuck Pixel Fixer” or something along those lines. What this video will do is quickly flick through a series of colours usually black, white, red, green and blue. This rapid colour changing will usually excite the liquid crystal in your display and possibly fix the stuck pixel. (Also to note, stuck pixel fixer videos usually require looping for several hours to work to full effect).

Other cures have supposedly been found, solutions as bizarre as taking the end of a pencil with an eraser and poking the affected area with the eraser (whilst playing a stuck pixel fixer). This can supposedly fix the stuck pixel, although I wouldn’t recommend it in case you were to cause additional problems with the screen such as permanent cosmetic damage. I’ve been fairly lucky with stuck pixels over the years, I’ve never had stuck pixels on computer displays, I’ve only ever had stuck pixels on a replacement PSP screen which I then subsequently returned to the manufacturer.

Also to mention, if you have one stuck pixel in a very inconspicuous area such as in the very corner of the display, it’s probably something you shouldn’t worry about, as it’s not affecting the functioning of the screen and it’s barely noticeable. However if it’s somewhere in the middle or there’s a giant cluster of them, then you may be obliged to actually replace that display. Companies also have limitations on how many stuck/dead pixels are acceptable and will usually not offer a replacement if it is only few stuck pixels and not in a localized area.

So, there you go, I hope this post may have helped you with your stuck pixel issues (even if you haven’t came across one yet).