Are All Computers Bluetooth Enabled?

I recently received an email from asking the question “Are all PCs are able to use a Bluetooth keyboard?”.

The simple answer to this is no, if you have a desktop computer the likely outcome is that your computer is not Bluetooth enabled. However many new laptops, ultra-portables, netbooks and all-in-ones include Bluetooth connectivity built in, this is a handy feature as you can connect to devices and perform Bluetooth file transfers without 3rd party hardware solutions.

So to make your computer Bluetooth enabled, you may need a 3rd party hardware solution such as a Bluetooth adapter in the form of a USB Bluetooth Dongle, which usually looks like a memory stick, or a PCI / PCI Express Bluetooth card which can look like a graphics card / PCI WiFi card. You can also purchase nano Bluetooth receivers if you prefer your Bluetooth dongle to not get in the way.

Another solution may be actually trying to find out about your laptop’s motherboard and if a model of laptop with the same motherboard happens to have a Bluetooth card built in. This may indicate that you may be able to purchase an internal Bluetooth card and have a technician install it for you.

So there are a few solutions available to enable Bluetooth connectivity on your computer.