128GB iPad Recently Released

Apple recently released a new option for the iPad on their website. A 128GB version! Overall I think this was a good move by Apple to offer an iPad with a higher capacity to truly compete with many recent tablets being released also offering fairly high storage options.

This iPad really isn’t for everyone though, the WiFi version alone retails for a heavy $799. That’s a lot of money for a device which still isn’t very content production oriented! But hey, if the iPad is literally the only computer you need and you plan to keep it for a fairly lengthy amount of time and you have an unusually large collection of media, this tablet may just be the one you’ve been waiting for.

Ironically, Apple released this new version not long after the release of Microsoft’s Surface Pro, a tablet which did ruffle the feathers of the people who were excited for it. Basically what happened was the Surface Pro was labelled as the 64GB model and to many buyers it was a disappointment when they actually received the tablet. The reason being, yes indeed the Suface Pro did offer 64GB of onboard solid state storage, but just under half of it’s capacity was taken up by the very core of Windows. So basically you buy a 64GB tablet, you get 30GB or so to actually play with.

Fortunately, if you’re after the 128GB iPad, you’ll probably get around 97% of that space to play with, the OS and anything else that cannot be removed usually only takes up a few GB, so hooray if you were worried about storage on the new iPad.

So yes the 128GB iPad is now available, it’s no different than the new 16GB, 32GB, or even your 64GB. You can just store more things on it!

So yes, if you’ve got money to burn you can buy it here.