Self Stirring Mug Review

Back in December I received an interesting gift from my sister. A self stirring mug! Yes I know the review seems odd and slightly (very) delayed but nevertheless let’s review it.

The Appearance:

The mug is composed of many different pieces. The outer shell of the mug is brushed aluminium or brushed stainless steel for the most part and the inner lining of the mug is a matte textured black heat tolerant plastic. The same plastic is used for the handle, the battery cover and base plate and the battery compartment. At the bottom of the interior of the mug you’ll find the stirring mechanism which is a sort of tiny plastic propeller. I thought the mechanism would be bigger but we’ll talk about how well it works soon.

The mug also has a large rubber yellow button for the stirring mechanism, would’ve preferred black or grey but I imagine some wouldn’t be able to find the button then!

So the mug is a winner for me with it’s appearance as I love black and silver finishes on products.

Using the Mug:

To stir the mug you simply hold down the button and it gives you a satisfying “click” when it’s pressed in. The stirring function of the mug is actually quite impressive. It certainly packs somewhat of a punch when the batteries are at full capacity so much so that if you fill the mug near to the top, there is the danger of the liquid within the mug overflowing due to the centrifugal force pushing the liquid against the walls of the mug.

The mug runs on two standard AA batteries and it seems to be fairly economical as the batteries do last some time before you notice any sort of stirring lag.

The base plate / battery cover on the bottom of the exterior of the mug comes in handy. Because there are multiple cavities between the plate and the interior of the mug, it doubles up as a built-in coaster. So you don’t have to worry about making any rings on your beloved coffee table (unless the base happened to be wet).

The metal finish also seems to be very resilient to any sort of liquid and doesn’t seem to tarnish, telling me that it most likely is aluminium.

So overall the mug does come in handy.

The Problems:

The mug doesn’t come without it’s own set of problems however. Due to the fact it’s battery powered you will have to replace the batteries eventually, not really a problem as such but a minor inconvenience. The interior of the mug isn’t very good at keeping clean. The matte texture plastic seems to accumulate a tea or coffee coating very quickly, this can be washed away but it can get irritating. The spindle or “mini propeller” as I like to call it tends to get stuck after a day or two of no use, this can be solved with a simple poke with a teaspoon, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of a self stirring mug. The last problem and it’s the most worrying one, because there are cavities between the interior of the mug and the battery compartment, condensation occurs if a cool liquid was inside of the mug. This is worrying because the batteries oxidize fairly quickly, and if they were in there for quite a few months it wouldn’t take long for acid and other harmful chemicals to leak out of the battery, potentially injuring someone.

But apart from these few little issues the mug is a very geeky lazy man’s or woman’s kind of mug. And it sure will cause a stir at the office! See what I did there… with the stir…. and the… nevermind.