Doctor Who Series 7 Finale Review

The finale to series 7 of Doctor Who was broadcast on Saturday, titled “The Name of the Doctor” it definitely seemed that the episode would be an epic one and that it was.

The beginning scenes of The Name of The Doctor was probably my favourite part. It took us to Gallifrey (the Doctor’s home planet) and showed us the first Doctor stealing a faulty TARDIS and then subsequently showed us other scenes of past Doctors with Clara superimposed into the background of each scene. It was video editing done really well and it was just awesome seeing the past doctors in a montage of sorts.

Of course in the episode we get to also see the familiar faces of Madame Vastra (the Silurian) Jenny and Strax (the Sontaran) their involvement in the last couple of series however has seemed just sort of… random. It seems to be one of those classic Steven Moffat “Let’s just do it for the sake of it and because we can” kind of situations. I don’t know perhaps it’s just me.

The new monsters that are referred to as the whispermen were fantastic! I think the more intimidating creatures are usually the ones that are near silent and move slowly towards you, and the fact that they have totally featureless faces and nasty looking teeth makes them all the more creepy. The whisper men seemed somewhat reminiscent of the Trickster. (Google it if you haven’t seen the trickster from Doctor Who / The Sarah Jane Adventures)

The main villain in the episode was the now 3 time recurring “The Great Intelligence” and is arguably one of the better villains of Doctor Who.

The story sees the Doctor facing what he believes to be his death and we get to learn new things about time travel such as “the one place you should never go is your grave” which is an interesting point it probably would be the most depressing place to go. (Except the Doctor’s is dangerous and whatnot so that’s mostly why he can’t go there)

We finally also get to understand who and what Clara is and it was another brilliantly clever idea based upon the perils of time travel. It was also an interesting scene when the TARDIS shows the time map of sorts in which the Doctor has traveled. The Doctor also explains how time travel is like fracturing the universe and what they could see in the TARDIS was all of the fractures. Interesting stuff. Of course also there was the cliff hanger of an ending in which we saw John Hurt’s character in the 5oth anniversary for the first time.

All in all then, I thought the episode was a brilliant end to the series and an interesting run up to the 50th anniversary and I’m thoroughly looking forward to what’s in store for the anniversary in November and getting to see the 10th & 11th Doctors in an episode together along with John Hurt playing an unknown version of the Doctor, perhaps the real ninth Doctor from the time war? Well I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who please share what you thought of the series finale. Did you enjoy it? What was the best part(s) for you? And are you excited for the 50th Anniversary?