iPad Air vs iPad Mini Retina

Recently Apple released the iPad Air, the successor of the iPad 4th Generation and the iPad Mini Retina, the successor to the iPad Mini.

Unlike before however there is now no difference in the performance of these two new devices. Both run the same A7 chip with the capability of running 64-bit applications (although there aren’t many of those yet to take full advantage of the 64-bit capabilities), both have the same cameras, the same amount of memory, in fact both even share the same style enclosure with it’s more rounded edges and smaller bezels, and the same colour options too. So which is really “better”?

The simple answer is neither, it now comes down to price and preference as opposed to before where it may have also been the specifications. Both are in essence, the exact same device. Of course the only BIG difference (pardon the pun) is the screen size. One features a 7.9″ screen, the other a 9.7″ screen. Both screens now feature Apple’s “retina” technology too, so both will be just as sharp as one another.

The screen size difference of 2″ or thereabouts really may not seem that like that much of a difference but it really is when you see it in person. I currently own a 4th generation iPad and I recently purchased an iPad Mini for my mother for her birthday a couple of months back. Between these two now older devices I still prefer my full size iPad, but the 7″ form factor really is more portable. Whereas it’s very uncomfortable holding my full size iPad with one hand, holding the much lighter iPad Mini is no problem at all. The iPad Mini can also fit into some large pockets too which may be a plus for some.

When it comes time for me to upgrade I think I’d still happily spend that bit extra for a larger screen especially now that the iPad air is thinner and much lighter, I’m sure it would be more comfortable for one-handed use, but at the same time I’d almost be tempted to purchase both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini but that’s coming out of the mouth of a geek who loves hardware.

The iPad Air currently costs £399 versus the iPad Mini retina at £319. And of course you’re not just limited to these latest models, if you’re on a tight budget you can still purchase the iPad Mini for £249.

Which one would you buy? Or which one have you bought? Why did you choose that model?