ASUS’ New 31.5″ PQ321 4K Display 3840 x 2160!

I love high pixel density, and that’s why when I stumbled upon this new display I couldn’t help but drool. ASUS are releasing a couple of new 4K computer displays this year one measuring 31.5″ and the other measuring 39″. The 31.5″ features a breathtaking resolution of 3480 x 2160 on an IZGO panel from Sharp, that kind of resolution should be made illegal. This may essentially be the retina version of desktop computer displays that we’ve all been waiting for.

This display isn’t for the faint hearted however, it will requite a VERY powerful graphics card and will take up either 1 Display Port 1.2 output or two HDMI ports to run this beast, let alone be able to play an intense game on it! The displays will allow up to 60Hz refresh rate unfortunately (due to the sheer amount of pixels) so don’t be expecting a high-performance 4K + 3D computer monitor just yet (perhaps in a few years).

Other technical specifications of the display include a 16:9 aspect ratio, LED backlighting, 8ms grey to grey response time, 350cd/m2 brightness, 176 degree viewing angle, it also features a couple of built in 2w speakers. ASUS have not confirmed when it will be launched but it is expected to cost around the sum of $4000 (£2555.10).

New products targeting relatively uncharted waters like this really do get me excited. The really interesting thing also will be seeing how other competitors will try to make better products than this. I feel that the most likely candidates to release 4K computer displays in the next couple of years include the likes of Apple (to market within their “Retina” range), Dell (to market within their “UltraSharp” range), Samsung (to market within their “professional” range) and possibly HP.

Will you invest in a 4K display (TV or computer display) any time soon?