Quick Tip – Windows 8 Tools Menu

Windows 8 has now been out for over a year and if you’ve been using it for a while you’ve more than likely familiarised yourself with all of the various features here and there which help you to be more productive. With the old start menu gone however, it can still be a bit of a pain to access various settings and tools in Windows 8. Of course you could download an application like Start 8 to bring back the beloved start menu and solve all of your problems, but if you’re familiar with Windows 8 and you’re comfortable with how to navigate within the operating system, then you’re not really going to want to download an application to facilitate the old start menu functionality.

However there is a useful little menu that can provide you with access to various tools, system settings and other useful utilities to enhance your productivity. And the best part, you don’t have to download anything! This tip may be especially useful for power users out there.

How it’s done:

Just hold the Windows key + X to access this little known little tools menu.

On it you will find shortcuts to Programs and Features, Power Options, Event Viewer, System, Device Manager, Disk Management, Computer Management, Command Prompt, Command Prompt (Admin), Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer, Search, Run & Desktop.

Unfortunately it isn’t a direct replacement to the old start menu but it could potentially be a useful menu to adjust settings and launch utilities on the fly.

This keyboard command should work in Windows 8.1 and I would imagine other future distributions of Windows.