How to Mount Your Smartphone or Tablet to a Tripod- iStabilizer

and of course then there’s the problem of the adhesive all over your shiny smartphone or tablet. Or perhaps you could create some sort of elaborate elastic band setup to try and hold your smartphone or tablet in place. Whatever the temporary solution, it’s usually not a very elegant one.

A few months ago I came across a useful little gadget aptly named “iStabilizer”. Essentially it is a clamp that facilitates the holding of your smartphone or tablet and on the bottom features the screw thread to fit a standard 1/4″ tripod screw thread.

The build quality of the iStabilizer is fairly decent, the main body of the clamp is made of a black plastic and the moving top of the clamp is basically a metal rod bent into the correct dimensions for the clamp base. The interior of the clamp has rubber strips adhered to it’s surface to avoid scratching the smartphone and to create more grip. The main downfall of the iStabilizer is that it’s support for different sized devices is somewhat limited. The small model will easily hold an iPhone (the iStabilizer was created mainly for use with the iPhone hence it’s name), a Samsung Galaxy S II may fit at a squeeze and probably most HTC devices, but something like the Galaxy Note you’ll have no luck with. It simply does not extend far enough to accommodate some of the more wide smartphone models out these days. However they have recently released a new version called iStabilizer XL which may accomodate some of the larger smartphones out there. The iStabilizer is also relatively easy to adjust as it’s clamp mechanism is spring action, ensuring that the device is secured whilst allowing you a greater range of motion for adjusting the positioning of the device.

Overall then the iStabilizer is a great piece of kit if you’re looking for an elegant solution to mount your smartphone or tablet to a standard tripod. The company also provides other models in their range such as the iStabilizer Flex, the Glass or even the Dolly.

You can check out their website and get more information about their products by clicking here.

I purchased my iStabilizer through Amazon. It can be found by clicking here.