Minecraft – Generating Cylinders With WorldEdit

Need to know how to create cylinders in Minecraft with WorldEdit? Here’s how.

There are a couple of commands that can be used here, there’s the solid cylinder command and the hollow cylinder command.

So the first thing you’re going to want to do is decide where you want your cylinder. Ideally on flat level ground ensuring enough space is left to stop your cylinder cutting into any existing structures, unless of course you’re wanting this effect.

Then all you need to do is open the chat and type //cyl if you’re creating a solid cylinder or type //hcyl if you’re creating a hollow cylinder. This sould then be followed by the block ID or block name, such as “155” or “bedrock” for example, then type the radius which is the number of blocks out in each direction from where you’re standing and then the height of the cylinder from the block you’re standing on upwards. Your command should now look something like this: //hcyl stone 5 10

Now just hit enter and your cylinder should appear. If you’re not happy with the cylinder simply type //undo into the chat box and hit enter and any changes made will be reversed and you can start again.

Want to see how to do this in video form? Click on the link below.