Quick Tip – Identifying a Font

Ever stumbled upon a font online and wanted to find out what particular font that was? I’ve certainly had this issue before and have wondered if there was some sort of service that could identify the font in question for me. Luckily enough there is a service which I have been using for some time called WhatTheFont.

The website which is available by clicking here is capable of identifying a font via the use of images. So for example, say you see a logo with a font you’d really like to use you can simply copy and paste the image URL into WhatTheFont, you choose which parts of the logo are which characters and WhatTheFont will give you a list of the fonts in it’s database that most closely match the font in the image you chose.

If there is a font on a webpage that isn’t an image, it’s still possible to get an idea of what font it can be too. It’s quite simple. Just take a screenshot on whatever device you’re using, crop the image if you require and then simply upload that image to WhatTheFont. Using the same steps as detailed previously it should give you some idea of what font most closely resembles the one in the image.

There are a couple of limitations with this service however. One of the limitations is because of the fact that the service uses images, if the image in question is low quality and / or pixelated the website will have a great degree of difficulty identifying the font. The other issue there is, is that not every font is in their database so the website will give you the most accurate representation of the font you want but it may be slightly different. The other issue isn’t necessarily an issue with the website but more of an issue of the fonts themselves. Fonts have different licensing, some fonts you can download for free, some we’re talking thousands for a personal licence, then a bit more for a public license. So although the font may display on the website, you may still not be able to download the font.

But apart from the small issues, the website is potentially a great little tool for anyone wanting to identify a font.