Doctor Who Collectable Die Cast Dalek Review

A couple of days ago I purchased a couple of die cast collectable Daleks from the popular British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. I purchased the standard gold version of the Daleks and the black Dalek Sec version.

The Dalek Sec version retails for £19.99 and the standard Dalek version for £18.99. So it’s an extra pound for the Dalek Sec version but that is justifiable as there is only 1 Dalek Sec! You could probably say that both of the Daleks are a little bit pricey as they’re not particularly huge, but on the other hand they’re not particularly minuscule either.

Both of the Daleks have a fairly solid construction with the main body and mid section both being die cast metal, but unfortunately the head domes, lights, eye stalks, plungers and gun attachments are all made of plastic. Also unfortunately the plunger and gun attachment do not swivel or move around, but the eye stalk does allow for vertical movement and the head dome swivels.

Underneath the Daleks you’ll find the rollers which allow you to easily move the Daleks across a surface and can give them a more somewhat menacing look. Of course unfortunately they won’t fly or do anything fancy, there are no LEDs or sound effects, but they’ll look pretty cool on any Doctor Who fan’s shelf. The detailing on the Daleks is very good for the most part, they’ve even taken the time to stamp on the little Dalek ID underneath the eye stalk, there is some excellent metal detailing on the sort of “bumper” on the base of the gold Dalek.

Overall the Daleks are a fairly good purchase if you’re a fan of Doctor Who, if you paid around £5 extra you could go for the likes of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Dalek which is a much larger version with a Union Jack painted on it which does feature lights, sounds and other special effects, which I would say would be more appropriate for a toy, versus these die cast Daleks as there are certainly many small plastic components that could potentially be broken off and swallowed. But if you’re a fan of Doctor Who, if you like collecting Doctor Who items, if you want something literally just to sit on your shelf, then certainly these Daleks should suffice.

You can find where to purchase these Daleks by using my Amazon links below, and that way I’ll get the credit for showing you this product.

Standard Gold Dalek Version –

Black Dalek Sec Version –

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