TurboScan- Scan Documents Using Your iPhone

I recently came across a useful little app called TurboScan. It’s available on the App Store for the iPhone. Overall I’d say I’m fairly impressed with the app. It’s interface could be a little better but looking beyond that, the app is a great purchase for anyone wanting to scan documents with their iPhone.

How it works is quite simple, just hit the camera button in the app, take a picture of the document as straight as possible, the results are often better too if you use a contrasting background to the document, so if it’s on white paper, try and place it on a darker surface. Once you take the picture your camera will automatically use it’s flash and you may notice that the app seems to add a sort of filter to the image.

If the image is of good quality with the edges of the document clearly distinguished, the app should automatically crop the picture and instantly show you the result, you can choose from a black and white or a colour image. If the image isn’t of the best quality or the document has no distinguishable edges, you’ll need to manually crop the image, then you’ll be shown the result.

The app really does work quite well, in fact I may even go as far as to say I would now most likely use my smartphone instead of my all in one printer for scanning documents.

The app is a great value purchase at £1.99 and you can find it by clicking here. Let’s just hope that they improve that UI in the near future!