WhatsApp Finally Receives iOS 7 Update

I, like many have been awaiting the release of a redesigned WhatsApp. Although I really don’t use WhatsApp that much, it still frustrated me that the app was still using the now somewhat dated design of iOS 6. Finally this week they’ve released the iOS 7 update.

The main features and changes within the new update include how contact list photos are now circles rather than the previous square, in keeping with the design of the built in contacts app in iOS 7, apparently the WhatsApp now also features different notification sounds. You can now also create lists to send broadcast messages to multiple people and groups. Overall the app now feels more consistent with the iOS user interface and user experience.

In addition to these UI changes, the icon has also been updated to a more flat design, reminiscent of the default messaging app’s icon.

The update is free and can be obtained from the app store.

Here’s a link to the app store with all of the information for the latest version of WhatsApp.