Razer Project Christine Unveiled at CES 2014

It’s always exciting seeing new exciting things from the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and a few days ago a product known as “Project Christine” caught my eye. Project Christine has been created by the popular computer gaming equipment manufacturer Razer. Razer have already in the past proved that they can create very good computer systems with the likes of their Blade Pro gaming laptop system, and now it seems that they may be expanding further and creating a gaming desktop system.

Project Christine (I’m guessing that won’t be it’s final title) is an interesting form of a modular desktop computer system. I personally love modular design. Currently I’m sporting an older Mac Pro system as my primary desktop system and I’ve expressed in the past as to how much I love the lack of cables inside the Mac Pro, everything just plugs in and everything has it’s place, much unlike the system I had before the Mac Pro which was a custom build which was just an insane mess of cables, and unfortunately there was no way around it.

Project Christine takes modular desktop design to a whole other level and offers modules for literally every component of the system. 1 module for the optical drive, an impressing looking control panel on the front which takes up two of the front module slots, 2 SSD modules, a front I/O module, 1 audio module, 3 GPU modules, a CPU and RAM module, 1 rear I/O module, and a positively huge power supply and water cooling module. And all of these modules simply slide out of the main chassis. No screws! Of course there’s likely screws securing the components on the insides of the modules.

The entire system looks to be primarily an aluminium construction, with a black anodised finish and complimented with illuminated green highlights. It makes it look other-worldly, if a little reminiscent of Dell’s Alienware computer series.

Overall then, Project Christine looks to be an excellent product for those who just don’t want to deal with masses of cables and over-complicated case designs. It makes you almost want to actively upgrade it, as it won’t be much of a hassle, sure it’ll probably come with a premium price tag, but you could likely justify the price with the classic principle of knowing that you won’t have to change the entire system in the near future.

You can visit the official page for Project Christine by clicking here.