JETech Aluminium iPhone 5 / 5S Case Review

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5S and felt the need to purchase a new case to keep my phone in it’s new and shiny condition. I’ve purchased a lot of cases in my time and this is by far the best quality case I have ever purchased.

The JETech aluminium iPhone 5 / 5S case is available to purchase on Amazon and you have a respectable choice of colours: black, blue, grey (mine!), plum, and purple. The case features a silicone lining that is first applied to your phone, then the sturdy outer aluminium shell is applied. The overall look of the case is very utilitarian, practical yet elegant. The anodized aluminium finish looks great, one of the downsides is that the branding is a tad prominent on the back, to me at least anyway. Another minor downside is that the silicone insert can cause some slight pocket drag and can attract dust and lint.

The silicone insert covers the volume buttons and small holes are cut out for access to the mute switch and the lock button. The bottom of the phone isn’t covered by the case and is completely exposed which may be concerning as you may end up damaging the unprotected area of the device, but it does work in your favour too as the case will allow you to accommodate unusually large headphone jacks and potentially docking systems. The case also attaches to the phone very securely, so there’s no fear of your phone falling out of it.

Overall I’m really impressed with this case, the aluminium construction is very sturdy, the silicone insert prevents any scuffs and scratches from inside the case and it’s very respectively priced at only £5.99!

If you wish to purchase this product, please use the Amazon link below so I get the credit for recommending it.

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