Soundstream- Audio Responsive Mac Screensaver

I’m always on the look out for great screensavers and this is one that I’ve had installed for sometime now (although I haven’t used it that much). This is a very unique screensaver as it is responsive to any audio coming in through your microphone.

The intensity of the screensaver also changes accordingly to the intensity of the audio coming in. So if you’ve got some low ambient background noise for example, the screensaver will swirl around gently, if there is loud music playing the screensaver will be more vivid and energetic. For this reason, the screensaver will also work well if you’re a fan of visualisers, in fact they actually provide an option to install it as an iTunes visualiser.

The main downside to this screensaver is that it’s a little heavier on CPU usage than most other standard screensavers, so if you’re running this on a notebook system and it is left idle for long periods of time with the screensaver running, it may lower your battery level more quickly. But apart from this, it’s a great screensaver if you’re looking for something a little different, and a screensaver that’s a bit more fun and interactive.

The screensaver is free and is available to download here. –