Screenstagram- Instagram Screensaver For Windows & Mac

I’m always on the look out for awesome screensavers and this is certainly one that fits that description. This is an interesting screensaver as it is one of the rare few that are actually connected to a service in real time. I’m a prolific user of Instagram, however I probably view more Instagram images than I actually share. So if you’re a regular browser of Instagram and you’re on the lookout for a good screensaver, Screenstagram may be the one for you.

The screensaver can of course be configured to show you only certain images, simply authenticate the screensaver with your Instagram login details and you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want to show user names on the images, to show your home feed (if you’re not logged in it will just show popular images), you can also choose to just show images you’ve liked and you can also choose to show images that include your defined tags (this requires you to be logged in).

Unfortunately there are a few downsides to this screensaver. For one, this is as far as the customisation goes, and there aren’t any settings you can adjust in regards to how the images are displayed e.g. image tile sizes, transitions, etc. The screensaver can also be a little slow and a little glitchy at times, but I suppose that this is bound to be expected from a screensaver as complex as this one.

Overall, Screenstagram is great if you’re a fan of screensavers and you are a regular user of Instagram, it could probably use a little work but it works well for what it is, and all the better seeing as it’s available for both Mac & Windows!

You can download Screenstagram here. –