GTA Online- How to Get The Obey Tailgater

The Obey Tailgater more widely known as “Michael’s Car” or “That car that looks like the Audi A4 / A6 / A8” is a fairly rare car to come by in the world of GTA Online. It is arguably one of the best handling and best performing saloon (or sedan) cars in the game and offers a reasonable amount of customisation options. This makes it a great getaway vehicle (4 seats) and a decent car to cruise around in too. It does not spawn under normal conditions and is not available to purchase on the Legendary Motorsport or Southern San Andreas Super Autos websites in-game, but this does not make it completely unobtainable. The way to obtain this vehicle may require a certain degree of patience and perseverance.

How It’s Done:

Step 1: Probably the most important step, this vehicle can only be obtained in GTA Online if Simeon has requested the vehicle. If he hasn’t requested it, then you likely won’t find it spawning anywhere.

Step 2: Providing Simeon has requested the vehicle, the Tailgater typically spawns in a couple of locations. Search carefully it can be easy to miss!

The Locations: The two typical locations for the Tailgater to spawn are at the golf course car park by Richman / Rockford Hills and the car park at the south end of Vespucci Beach.

Once you find the Tailgater, bear in mind that you’re going to attain a 2 star wanted level as you take the vehicle as it has been requested by Simeon, perhaps devise an exit strategy before you speed away in the Tailgater, afterall you don’t want to end up destroying it if you’ve been looking for it for a while. Or if possible call Lester to remove your wanted level (it’ll cost money). A couple of good locations to evade the super GTA V police (the most irritating and ruthless police Rockstar have ever put into a game) are up a large hill away from any roads close by or even driving into the nearest Los Santos Customs (providing the police did not follow you to either of these locations).

Next (if you haven’t done it already) perhaps think about obtaining full ownership and insure the vehicle, at Los Santos Customs, that way you can keep your new Tailgater.

And hopefully that should be it! As far as I know, this is the only known way of obtaining the Tailgater in GTA Online, if you have any more methods, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Update – You can now purchase the Tailgater! (Although using this method may save you some money.)

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